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Field of Activity

To render service as a construction company, executing industrial, commercial and infrastructural projects for private and public entities.


Ruby Realtors Private Limited strives to be a professional entity, delivering challenging projects on time, with emphasis on uncompromising quality, ethical practices and environmental protection, through the use of modern technology and innovative methods, with a belief that change is the only constant.



  • To undertake challenging projects and deliver them on schedule to the total satisfaction of our customers.

  • To create wealth for local economies, the communities where we operate, the company and its employees.

  • To uphold ethical practices, to be pro-people and to safe guard the environment for future generations.

  • To be a source of pride of every employee.

Core Values

  • Excellence
    To employ the latest in engineering technology and incorporate current best business practices to ensure the highest quality of work.

  • Innovation
    To innovative engineering and management solutions and continually evaluate, research and develop operating systems for more efficient results.

  • Speed
    To ensure efficient project completion methods as a core desire of each and every project team, while assuring excellent quality.

  • Safety
    The Company has already initiated the process for ISO 9001-2009 Certification for comprehensive safety and environmental policy to protect all employees and associates. Zero Accident Policy and environmental protection is the ultimate goal.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    The Company desires to give back to society by contributing in the areas of health care, sports, art and culture. With the growth of the company, our modest efforts are now taking a more organized and progressive shape.

  • Team Support
    It is the company’s unwavering belief that its highly skilled staff and workforce is its most significant asset. The company is committed to adopting the most recent labor policies and up-to-date working conditions to enable its employees to achieve the company's objectives in a comfortable, healthy and safe environment.

Company History

Ruby Realtors Private Limited’s foundations go way back to the 1950s when, as a young proprietor, the late Pedro Filip Francisco Cardozo started undertaking contract work for the then Portuguese colonial government in Goa, India. By the late eighties the proprietorship had grown into a partnership firm called M/s P. S. Constructions. Starting with small contract jobs, the firm slowly acquired the experience and skill to undertake bigger projects involving roads, railways, canals and small bridges.

By 1986 his elder son, Marcus, joined the family business, when still studying. His admirable work ethic, passion to handle challenges and his vision for the company led to the incorporation of Ruby Realtors as a private limited company in 1996. He was joined by his younger brother Oswald, who also looks after the day to day running of the company.

Since then, there has been no looking back for Ruby Realtors. Growth has come swiftly. The company began taking on bigger contracts in the field of commercial, residential and infrastructural projects for private and government entities.

As private contractors, the company has again and again displayed their core competencies of quality, delivery on time and total customer satisfaction. The Gera Imperium - I at the prestigious Patto Plaza in the capital city of Panaji and the 3000 people capacity call centre at Verna Industrial Estate for the UK based company Travel Pack, are both worthy proof of these efficiencies. This remarkable progress has been an impetus for the company to expand its resources and take on much bigger and challenging jobs.

In the course of this growth, the company has realized the need to give back to society through socially responsible endeavors in the field of health care, sports, art and culture. Already modest attempts in support of AIDS education, local football clubs and preservation of Goa’s cultural heritage have been made without much media publicity. We are in the process of forming the Ruby Foundation Trust to give our social responsibility goals a more comprehensive and effective focus.

Ruby Realtors is poised for further accelerated growth. The company has big plans to expand operations across the length and breadth of the country. The commitment to modern technology and the efficient use of a highly skilled staff and workforce, empower by the company’s vision is the assurance that the best is still to come.

Corporate Profile

1 Name of Company Ruby Realtors Private Limited
2 Status Private Limited Company
3 Registration No. 24-02153
4 Administrative Office Ecoterre House FF1, St. Joaquim Road,
Borda, Post Fatorda ,Goa, India. 403 602
5 PAN No. AADCR3881J
6 VAT Tax Reg. No. TIN NO. 30921105144
CST M/7649
7 BPCL Reg. No. WR / ENGG/374
8 Service Tax Reg. No. AADCR3881JST001
9 Provident Fund Reg. No. GOA/12190
10 E.S.I.C. Reg. No. 32-3573-101
11 TAN No. BLRR03211F
12 Directors

Mr. Marcus Cardozo
Mr. Oswald Cardozo
Mrs. Santana Cardozo
Miss. Viency Cardozo

13 Tele-fax 91-832-2703518 / 2710299
14 E - mail
15 Contact Persons Mr. Marcus Cardozo
Mobile: 0-9326020720, 9822125827

Mr. Oswald Cardozo
Mobile: 0-9326020721, 9822125826